Sezgin Aksu

Sezgin AKSU

Setsu & Shınobu ıto

Setsu & Shınobu ıto

Massimiliano Braconi

Massimiliano Braconi 

nob. brand's special collections are the work of world-renowned designers, designed to make your bathroom experience unforgettable. These designers understand that the bathroom is not just a functional space but also a personal expression and a place of relaxation.

Sezgin Aksu's "THETIS" collection turns your bathroom into a serene haven, emphasizing the power of design. Every detail has been carefully considered to reflect the tranquility of the sea and the beauty of nature.

The Raito collection elevates modernism and creativity to new heights. Thanks to this collection, your bathroom transforms from a personal care area into a work of art.

The Boxes collection brings the elegance and simplicity of minimalist design. Each piece prioritizes functionality without losing its grace.

The Aura collection combines luxury and aesthetics. This collection helps turn every moment in your bathroom into a luxurious spa experience.

Setsu & Shinobu Ito's "KATSURA" collection offers Japanese aesthetics with a modern touch. These designs are ideal for those seeking simplicity and serenity.

Massimiliano Braconi's "KAYLA" collection combines elegance and functionality. Thanks to this collection, the bathroom becomes a personal relaxation and recharging moment.

nob. brand brings together design and quality to take your bathroom experience to the next level. Each collection tells its own story and helps you express your bathroom in your own style. Elevate your bathroom beyond the ordinary and internalize the beauty of design with nob. brand.